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Blades, 10 degree, General Purpose
Blades, 9 degree, Hardwoods and Frozen
Blades, 4 degree, Extreme Hardwoods
Blades, 7 degree, Hardwoods, High HP Mill
Blades, Stellite Tipped, 7 degree
Wood-Mizer Steel Cant Hook 48"
Log-Rite Aluminum Cant Hook 48"
Wooden Cant Hook 48"
Log Arch
Power Feed Control System
LT15 Bed Section
New Log Clamp
Board Return Table
Pro Package (wooden Cant Hook)
Pro Package (LogRite(R) Cant Hook)
Lathe EX
Shingle Lap Sider Attachment
Resaw Attachment
Carriage Cover
Control Console Cover
Engine Cover
Field Installed GO Trailer (Assembly req'd $225)
Fee to Assemble an LT15 on a GO Trailer
Factory Installed GO Trailer (Available in INDY ONLY)
Load Assist Kit
Parts Package
Spare Tire
Sawmill, LT15 E10 Electric Single Phase
ENGINE: E10S - 10 HP Electric 230v 1Ph motor

No Accessories Selected
GRAND TOTAL: $7,795.00
$219.22 per month**