Adding this option is an easy and affordable way to make your own roofing and siding materials. The SLR accurately cuts wood shingles and tapered lapsiding on your mill.

You can have the roof of your dreams. Wood-Mizer has found an affordable and easy way for you to make your own roofing materials. The SLR is designed to accurately cut wood shingles and tapered lapsiding on your mill. It'll save you thousands of dollars at the lumberyard. The sturdy SLR frame clamps directly to your Wood-Mizer mill bed, and it securely holds and pivots wood beams and blocks to make these specialized cuts. Check out the price of cedar shakes, and you'll see the SLR is truly a bargain!

(For the LT15, an Adapter Kit is needed to use the SLR. Minimum three bed sections required.)

Used as a Shinglemaker
The SLR can make six wood shingles from 14" to 24" lengths by 12" wide in one pass. The frame holds six blocks that are all pivoted by one lever that can be adjusted to give you a precise taper. Since the blade always travels in a straight, horizontal line, you get precise wood shingles.

Used as a Lapsider
The SLR cuts weather board or lapsiding by pivoting beams or cants in the frame before each cut of the blade. A single lever pivots an entire cant to cut very accurate tapered siding. The taper angle is easily adjusted to cut boards up to 12" wide at various tapers.