• I had a hard decision between Wood-Mizer and Timber Harvester until I went to both places to run one myself. No comparison -- in my book your mill is smooth compared to theirs. I would also like to comment on how well I was treated at the Hannibal location.
    Brian E, NY

  • My first mill was a '96 HDG24LT40 - it ran perfect. Then I wanted the new clamp so I bought the HDD33. I've only sawed 15,000 to 20,000 feet so far, but I love it. I do custom sawing and make my living with the mill. Everything about the mill works great. I can't wait to go saw tomorrow.
    Roger D, WI

  • I considered several mills before I bought a Wood-Mizer. Some of the features I looked for were design, ruggedness and durability, performance and safety, and a mill that is backed by an innovative company with a good parts and service support.
    John S, MA

  • The little LT15, I purchased back in the summer, is far beyond my expectations in producing quality lumber. It is all I need for cutting furniture grade red & white oak, cherry, poplar, walnut, red cedar, beech, pine and anything else that will make a good board.
    Charles C, AL

  • After using the LT30 a good number of years, I was quite a bit intimidated with the LT40 Super Hydraulic. Now after several weeks of use, I ponder to myself, how did I ever get by without it.
    Brian B, NY

  • Thank you Woodmizer Canada for installing the auto-clutch upgrade on my 1998 LT40 hydraulic mill. After 16 plus years of operating Woodmizer mill with the manual clutch systems, my right arm and shoulder say thank you, thank you, thank you! I didn't realize the potential for repetitive injury, but I'm not getting any younger either. After experiencing tennis elbow, which was a culmination of too much physical activity, I decided that my body would truly benefit from this mechanical advantage.
    Brian P, ON

  • Without my Wood-Mizer, I would not have attempted this project.
    Phil H, CO

  • We are very thankful and pleased and having the Wood-Mizer sawmill made it possible for us to do all the work ourselves.
    Roger R, AR

  • If I ever sell this property, I will have to jack up the house and take it with me! Then I will make another trip to pick up my sawmill.
    Jim Z, OR

  • We built this house entirely ourselves and with the occasional hired hand. Every piece of wood in it passed through my Wood-Mizer.
    Wayne D, NS

  • It was intriguing to me that it (the Wood-Mizer) was so terribly safe.
    Bob S, VA

  • I love my sawmill and am amazed at its reliability.
    Russell M, VA

  • The mill is the cornerstone of our business. Without it we would not be able to create the products and reputation which our customers have grown to depend on.
    John N, MI

  • Owning a Wood-Mizer sawmill has made it possible for us to live in the home of our dreams and continues to remain at the heart of our business, which is building a dream home for others.
    John N, MI

  • ..not a week goes by that I do not use my Wood-Mizer.
    Phil H, CO

  • In our business, we own lots of computerized equipment like CNC machines, but I would pick my Wood-Mizer over one of them any day. You can break all the rules set by the lumber yard and take a tree and turn it into anything you want. I love it!
    Gerald K, TX

  • Wood-Mizer is number one ... the best!
    James W, NJ

  • “I looked at a lot of other brands, but didn’t consider any except for Wood-Mizer. It’s very accurate.”
    Ellis B, NH

  • “My Wood-Mizer mill enables me to maintain a large volume of lumber that I can pick and choose from to create special projects.”
    Tom D, IA

  • “Our company now competes with larger mills and has a real edge in lumber yard and grade recovery due to the Wood-Mizer’s thin-kerf technology.”
    Fred Barribeau, WI

  • The increased production of the LT70 mill enables us to meet our obligations and provide a living, while enjoying working at home and being my own boss.
    Billy Joe L, AR

  • “The mill produces straight and true lumber that keeps our customers happy and coming back again and again…”
    Tommy H, AR

  • Within seven months, I had sawed and sold enough lumber to more than recover my initial investment.
    Bill S, WI

  • Since taking my first job in 1993, I have never been without work for my sawmill.
    Bill S, WI

  • “My Wood-Mizer has helped me to succeed in business because of its accuracy, its efficiency, its speed, an its options…”
    Kim E, NB

  • “There is a freedom in owning a mill and knowing that lumber is just a few cuts away.”
    Jack P, IA

  • “The Wood-Mizer mill has made sawing the timbers an easy process, from being able to maneuver them with ease to being able to cut precise dimensions with it.”
    Robert W, GA

  • “My LT40 Wood-Mizer sawmill has been the best investment ever…it has brought us through many a hard time.”
    Guy C, IN

  • “We spend more time getting production out of the sawmill instead of working on the sawmill doing repairs…the thin-kerf of the blade allows us to make more usable product and less sawdust.”
    Tim H, NB

  • “It is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. Praise the Lord!”
    Charles M, MS

  • “My mill is truly my life!”
    Kevin G, ON

  • “Owning the Wood-Mizer has given more flexibility in my schedule.”
    Paul N, OH

  • This is the 2nd Wood-Mizer purchased new. This is a fine sawmill for the jobs I do for myself and others.
    Ralph B, KY

  • There isn't a product on the market that can compare to Wood-Mizer.
    Roger M, SC

  • Wood-Mizer is a quality machine. The engineering is well thought out.
    Craig B, MI

  • Wood-Mizer epitomizes the essence of American quality, excellence, and spirit of invention.
    John S, PA

  • Our 7 year old L40) is still trouble free!
    George O, WI

  • After attending the farm show in Raleigh, N.C. and observed all the other mills in operation, I was well pleased with my decision to purchase a Wood-Mizer.
    Billy S, NC

  • Everything about the mill is great! I like the way it operates, the way it cuts. I love my Wood-Mizer!
    Arnie V, TN

  • For being a small, inexpenxive machine (LT15), it does a beautiful job for my own personal use.
    John W, MI

  • Thanks for making such a great sawmill. I am very satisfied with its performance and quality craftsmanship. Y'all are doing a wonderful job.
    Kevin L, NC

  • Owning my own Wood-Mizer went far beyond my expectation. For the last 11 years it has supplemented my retirement allowing me to enjoy being my own boss.
    James M, NC

  • I think you have a good product, good representation, and are easy to deal with. The mill works well and is well made. Just being in the yard near my house, the mill has generated a month's worth of business.
    Thomas M, MN

  • I am very pleased with my sawmill. It works good and is easy to load and operate. It is a quality machine.
    Eldon O, WA

  • My highest compliment to you is that you are the 'Caterpillar' of sawmills.
    Mike Q, NY

  • My boys and I have sawed about 50,000 ft of lumber in the last 2 1/2 months part-time.
    Harris F, MS

  • Buying a Wood-Mizer has been the best investment I've ever made. This is my second mill, and if it is as reliable as the first one I wouldn't consider any other mill. I've been sawing for almost 5 years and if the weather is decent I still look forward to sawing.
    Paul F, AR

  • I particularly like the .055 in white pine where the wood densities vary so much between knots and soft wood. I catch myself still sawing after the blade is dull and still not getting wavy cuts in pine.
    Dave H, NC

  • I have previously owned an L30 (1983) and an LT40HD (1991). I am a very happy customer!
    Larry J, NE

  • After working 20 years of construction for contractors, owning a Wood-Mmizer is like starting a new life. I don't have to work half the hours and still I make more income than before.
    Jeff K, OH

  • After operating a mill for 10 years, I could only consider another Wood-Mizer.
    Martin W, PA

  • I am very appreciative of your efforts at Wood-Mizer and am a loyal customer that loves his machine. I keep my Wood-Mizer busy almost every weekend milling up everything in my path; so if you are a log - watch out here I come!
    Stephen M, RI

  • My 1995 LT40HD24G is a great machine. It has approximately 1600 hours on it. I custom cut on the weekends. It has provided an excellent second income. I would recommend Wood-Mizer to anyone considering a purchase.
    Paul H, AL

  • Wood-Mizer is so simple and easy to work on.
    Jason S, NY

  • Some people relax while fishing. When I'm working on the Wood-Mizer, that's my fishing.
    Lehman B, AL

  • With $250 in my pocket. I set out and rented my first Wood-Mizer. I was so impressed with the quality of lumber I could produce, I decided to buy my own Wood-Mizer sawmill.
    Jason S, NY

  • Wood-Mizer has been with me every step of the way. Their advances in equipment and blade technology have allowed our company to grow at a steady and cost-effective pace. We are able to support five families and make great lumber thanks to Wood-Mizer.
    Jason S, NY

  • “It has been the best investment that I have ever made. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t look a that mill and think, ‘What a great job it does and how much profit I can make from it.’”
    Mike G, BC

  • “I call the Wood-Mizer my license to print money.”
    Mike G, BC

  • “The Wood-Mizer has enabled me to achieve success far beyond my dreams.”
    Mike G, BC

  • “That mill, the original one we bought, was nine years ago and it cut over six million feet of lumbar!”
    Mike G, BC

  • “It is terrific! It just works great! It makes beautiful product, you know. It’s so accurate.”
    Mike G, BC

  • “When you cut world class logs and you can finish them that way, it’s absolutely incredible!”
    Mike G, BC

  • “It is not a job for me, but a way of life and one I would not trade for anything else in the world.”
    Jason S, NY

  • “When I saw this Wood-Mizer offer its high level of safety and thin kerf, that was a great fit. We are able to squeeze more material out of the logs than with the circle mills.”
    Bob S, VA

  • “The Wood-Mizer was a dead ringer for us. It was small enough to afford and productive enough to meet our needs. It’s definitely served its time here well.”
    Bob S, VA

  • Thank goodness for the Wood-Mizer! This project was a much bigger undertaking than we first realized. With such a short window of time, we needed a really good mill to keep things going. We could not have done it without the Wood-Mizer.
    Dale M, BC

  • This mill has been marvelous, a real workhorse. It made the project possible.
    Dale M, BC

  • I was never impressed with anyone else's. The Wood-Mizer has enough vareties and features that you can buy it right off the shelf - like your own customized mill.
    Ken G, MN

  • We couldn't get the amount of wood out of the log with other machines. With the Wood-Mizer, we get about 85% return on the logs, compared to 35% using other saws here. It's the way you can turn and handle the log. The machine is so versatile.
    Scottie M, 

  • The LT30HD is a superb machine, the best I have seen around.
    Scottie M, 

  • I was getting ready to retire and I wanted to work for myself and not have any bosses. I did some looking, and I actually went to a couple of demonstrations before I made up my mind, and the Wood-Mizer was the best thing going.
    John S, MD

  • Logs were ready and waiting because the sawmill was able to handle the large logs and keep the workflow going.
    Chris L, BC

  • Our Wood-Mizer sawmill is cutting logs at least 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year.
    John N, MI

  • I estimate the money I saved by using my Wood-Mizer sawmill to be $150,000, not including personal labor.
    John N, MI

  • I am very satisified with the way this turned out. Without my Wood-Mizer I would not have attempted this project.
    Phil H, CO

  • We were inspired to again test the capabilities of the Wood-Mizer and milles it into 20 x 24 wall paneling and counter slabs which came out beautifully.
    David B, VT

  • The enhanced commercial features of the LT70 made it best-suited for cutting the rugged pine and native heart pine and live oak.
    Charlie S, SC

  • I've been operating this mill for ten years, and I've had a smile on my face ever since.
    Barry M, FL

  • What an amazing concept, hit a button, throw a lever, and cut.
    Barry M, FL

  • I was in the audience when they unveiled the Wood-Mizer for the first time, It took two guys to operate it. By the time I got mine, it was hydraulic. It was amazing. I haven't stopped cutting since.
    Barry M, FL

  • If you're trying to make a high-end product, the more money your lumber's worth, the more valuable a Wood-Mizer.
    Royce S, MO

  • My LT15 has proven to be a very sound investment and a very enjoyable experience.
    Kevin W, ON

  • It's been rewarding using the Wood-Mizer to saw lumber out of what looks like weathered, discarded poles. It's like starting with diamonds in the rough, and coming up with beautiful lumber.
    Lauritz R, MN

  • Not only did we build our dream home with the Wood-Mizer, but it also helped to launch me in a new career.
    Joe B, CO

  • I am so glad I chose Wood-Mizer. There is no way I could have sawed the material I used in my barn on my old circular saw.
    Jim Z, OR

  • My Wood-Mizer mill no doubt saved us the initial cost of my mill + many thousands of dollars in material expense.
    Ellis B, NH

  • The Mill certainly paid for itself and has proven to be a very valuable asset to our farm. I can honestly say that without the Wood-Mizer, this project would still be just a dream.
    David N, PA

  • The mill is very accurate, I saved time and money using most of the lumber directly from the drying pile without planing.
    Doug S, MA

  • It was very satisfying to use my Wood-Mizer to mill lumber to complete this project. Without my Wood-Mizer, the cost would not have been within my budget at this time.
    Donald S, NJ

  • I am very pleased. Almost all people who see the house are amazed at what can be built straight off a Wood-Mizer sawmill.
    Garrel R, KY

  • I feel this is a true forest-to-final-form project of which I am very proud. By using my Wood-Mizer, I was able to create a distinctive piece of furniture presenting the very best of the wood featured.
    Jim O, BC

  • The first tool I purchased, and most important in the project, is my LT15.
    Kim S, NB

  • The beauty of the LT15 is that I can put a large timber on it, and with great ease, mill it into the very dimensions that I need.
    Kim S, 

  • The LT15 beats any upright bandsaw hands down, it cuts like butter and I don't have to lift or push the timbers through by hand.
    Kim S, 

  • I purchased the LT15 because of the popular name and it fit into my budget.
    Keith C, TN

  • The LT15 has paid for itself many times already, the mill works so well that I now dream of being able to get a larger one and saw and build cabins full-time.
    Keith C, TN

  • Wood-Mizer has made it possible for me to educate those around me to see a tree become more than heat.
    Stephen M, RI

  • With the LT40HD I can form a log into the right shape and size for the master carver to go to work.
    Dale B, AK

  • I can rotate the log to almost make it round. I can use the Wood-Mizer almost like a lathe.
    Dale B, AK

  • Thanks to the Wood-Mizer, we have acquired a reputation for milling the best lumber that the lumber buyers have ever seen.
    Janis S, MA

  • I don't think I could manage without my SetWorks. I program the thickness fo cut I want and the system lowers the cutting head to the proper board thickness. It eliminates any mistakes due to miscalculations on my part.
    Celine G, NY

  • Apart from the ease of operation, I was impressed by the way it sawed accurate, good quality lumber very quickly.
    Alex M, ON

  • The precision cuts of the Wood-Mizer prepared the timbers for the exactness required for mortise and tenon joinery.
    Steve S, NC

  • Purchasing a Wood-Mizer was the beginning of a way to create not only an income but also a flexible lifestyle that I love.
    Steve S, NC

  • The mill performed very well in efficiency, accuracy, and ease of operation.
    Keith J, MS

  • The Wood-Mizer has become a very important part of my business I've found it to be a quality piece of machinery.
    Ralph W, GA

  • The Wood-Mizer's smooth and precise kerf made it possible to lay up the log walls with no need for caulking or chinking.
    Mark P, WI

  • By using the Wood-Mizer the construction savings were substantial.
    Jim O, BC

  • The Wood-Mizer is the only way to cut mesquite!
    Alan L, TX

  • I still have the first board I ever cut on a Wood-Mizer. I remember how easy it was; I just backed into the barn, set up, and started sawing.
    Dan G, VA

  • The Wood-Mizer is a precision instrument.
    Dan G, VA

  • The Wood-Mizer is efficient, accurate and safe!
    Eric R, FL

  • The labor savings created by the Wood-Mizer more than paid for the price of the mill.
    John M, MO

  • When I got my Wood-Mizer set up and leveled, I had quite a few spectators to see all those beautiful boards coming out of that old tree. We were dazzled!
    Steve C, ID

  • I always look forward to firing up my saw, because when I do, the creative juices begin to flow. This machine has been the single most contributing factor in my custom sawing career.
    Donn S, ID

  • The ability to saw thick and extra wide lumber, and saw short length legs makes the mill indispensible for my business. Thanks for a great product!
    WBret D, NC

  • This is one of the finest pieces of equipment I have ever used, and every farm that has fifty acres or more of trees should own a Wood-Mizer.
    Terry B, ME

  • I have been extremely happy with my Wood-Mizer, and intend to keep sawing as long as I'm physically able.
    Stanley R, NY

  • The Wood-Mizer saves me and my customers money because there is less waste.
    Bernard V, WI

  • My Wood-Mizer should last forever -- it'll definitely outlast me!
    Bernard V, WI

  • My Wood-Mizer advertises itself. People see it then come to me asking me to do work for them.
    Jeff H, VA

  • Love it! Very detailed.
    David Deyo, NY

  • I enjoy using the clamp and Debarker.
    Wayne H, NH

  • Well built machine/welds/craftmanship/over all.
    Wayne H, NH

  • Accuset and auto clutch make milling alot easier.
    Roger C, IN

  • Very accurate!
    Roger C, IN

  • The mill is outstanding!
    Roger C, IN

  • Right down to the paint. Wood-Mizer is manufacturing a great machine.
    Roger C, IN

  • With Accuset, it's accurate and fast.
    Roger C, IN

  • Outstanding machine!
    Roger C, IN

  • My new LT30HDSuper with the added features is remarkable.
    Ralph P, MA

  • Faster than I expected.
    Ralph P, MA

  • The new LT30HDSuper is far superior in performance.
    Ralph P, MA

  • Love the hydraulics and DeBarker.
    Richard S, NH

  • My efficiency has improved about 75 % with this mill.
    Kenneth H, VA

  • Easy to set up, fast cutting and sounds like a cat.
    Fred B, CA

  • I can't keep up with it, it cuts so fast!
    Fred B, CA

  • My LT40HDSG36 is a dependable machine.
    Gary J, CO

  • The debarker works great and the pulse lube is saving lots of blades, too.
    Joe T, MI

  • I love it!
    Joe T, MI

  • Everything is well thought out.
    Paul F, AR

  • Very accurate.
    Richard W, VT

  • I am seeing an easy 35% improvement in production.
    Marc L, TN

  • We love our mills. We plan to purchase an edger in the near future.
    Wayne C, NC

  • The LT27G18 exceeds all my expectations
    Wallace S, WV

  • Very dependable.
    Wallace S, WV

  • It seems to have been designed by users. You've thought of about everything.
    Gary M, MD

  • Wood-Mizer is my first sawmill. I have looked at other mills and video but none built like Wood-Mizer.
    Bill B, CT

  • Excellent running machine.
    Bill B, CT

  • I can take the sawmill to cutting area and quickly set up with ease.
    Ken F, CO

  • Every board has been perfect!
    Ken F, CO

  • Beats the hell out of paying a fortune at the lumber yard.
    Ken F, CO

  • The LT27 is more than I expected.
    Ken F, CO

  • I can't be more pleased.
    Ken F, CO

  • Its capabilites meet my expectations.
    Jeff B, MI

  • It is a great cutting machine. It continues to satisfy in it's performance.
    Jeff B, MI

  • It continues to please and satsify.
    Jeff B, MI

  • Easy to set up; easy to use!
    Marvin K, WI

  • Very user friendly.
    Marvin K, WI

  • I can't believe all the extra board feet I get out of each log.
    Mike K, MA

  • It even tows well, I move it around with my ATV.
    Michael M, IN

  • I am always surprised after sawing for a couple of hours at how many board feet I have cut.
    Michael M, IN

  • Easy to transport and takes little space.
    Gary C, VA

  • Does everything I need well.
    Ken T, WV

  • I am a welder and fabricator and I am impressed with the mills construction.
    Ken T, WV

  • Good design, workmanship and personnel.
    Ken T, WV

  • Everything works and it's there for a purpose.
    Jonathan K, PA

  • I enjoy every log!
    Joe M, NC

  • Very safe mill.
    Clarence K, MI

  • I looked at a lot of sawmills and I am very glad I picked Wood-Mizer.
    Eugene W, MO

  • I had high expectations of the Wood-Mizer and you have met them.
    Timothy J, MN

  • Great running machine!
    JFB, IN

  • Truly a well designed machine.
    William P, TX

  • Awesome!
    William P, TX

  • I particularly appreciate the safety features.
    Steve H, IA

  • Great quality, everything is adjusted perfectly.
    Dave G, IN

  • It still surprises me how much you can cut.
    Ryan H, VA

  • It's by far the best portable sawmill out there.
    Ryan H, VA

  • The machine is wonderful!
    Doug M, IN

  • Product is wonderful!
    Rick P, OR

  • Ran three other mills --- this is best.
    Rick P, OR

  • I know we couldn't have gotten here without my father buying the first Wood-mizer mill and making the foundation for this business.
    Barry S, KY

  • The Wood-Mizer sawmill has allowed us to create a niche in the homebuilding market by making it possible to create unique and custom products that are not available elsewhere.
    Mike G, BC

  • The engineering that goes into the Wood-Mizer is amazing! Every day I look at this mill and ask people, 'Do you know how much this thing saves me?'
    Mike G, BC

  • It's incredible to have a device like this that takes things from forest to final form, and to be able to share that experience.
    Peter B, IN

  • I am very happy with our mill having previously owned one it was a pleasure to upgrade and see continuing commitment you all have for providing the best!
    Cascade Farm School, NY

  • I upgraded from a portable gas sawmill to a stationary electric mill. At my age and sawing expertise I don't need to haul a mill to the woods. If people want quality Wood-Mizer sawing from me; they can bring the logs to me!
    Greenwood Creek Lumber, NY

  • I bought another Wood-Mizer because of the following, Easy maintenance & repair, close proximity of the New York facility, good warranty on parts and repair, blade technology & ReSharp program,etc.
    Stephen B, NY

  • This is my first response since my purchase. I really love this thing. 161 hrs to date ( 1/9/99.) I have built a house 20 x28 3 stories inc. attic. there is still enough wood sawn for another one. I cannot believe it. Very happy customer.
    Charlie R, ME

  • I am very happy and have impressed many of my friends with my LT40 Wood-Mizer. Should have bought one sooner.
    Joseph K, NY

  • Best there is!
    Dan T, ME

  • Thanks for all the help I've cut over 10,000 bd ft in the first two weeks of purchasing the mill.
    Jerry K, CA

  • Wood-Mizer is one of the few companies that the machine will actually perform in the manner that the brochure states.
    Wilbur W, TX

  • I never purchased anything that pleases me as much as the new Super Hydraulic mill. It is really more than I expected.
    James W T, AL

  • I feel that your mill is the best on the market. The quality of work and production rate is outstanding. Portability is the key in this part of the country and you provide this. Thanks for providing what I feel is the best portable, high quality Band Mill
    Michael R, NY

  • We obtained literature and watched many demos and the quaility and performance of Wood-Mizer stands far above all the rest. We appreciate the personal attention and hospitality that we received during our visit at Wood-Mizer
    Gary & Kathy H, WV

  • Thank you for all your help in helping me to get set up in business. When people see what this saw can do they are truly amazed. I stay about 2 months behind. I am covered up with work!
    Pat C, KY

  • After 2 months of owning & operating my Wood-Mizer, I must say I'm 100% satisfied. After choosing to stop being a over the road truck driver and start my own sawmill business, I'm happy to say that I'm already booked up till late spring.
    Douglas J, TN

  • I just love my LT25, I am always cutting something. You might say that I am just playing. I am now cutting 4x8's for sills, for the shelter/barn I plan to build for the mill. If I ever need to upgrade, it will be another Wood-Mizer.
    Kim B, NC

  • I purchased the Wood-Mizer sawmill because in my personal opinion this sawmill is the best that is on the market for the price and what a person can do with this machine
    Mrs D, NC

  • Great saw--having fun. Your guys are great as well. Thanks...
    Joseph F K, MI

  • Bought Wood-Mizer on advice from people who owned them. That was really the selling factor.
    Morris D C, NC

  • An excellent quality machine, very easy to operate. The owners manual & factory rep. instruction make maintenance & troubleshooting easy.
    John E, VA

  • I am very pleased with my Wood-Mizer mill!!!
    Steve K, LA

  • I am very pleased with my mill. It is so simple to use. I am not very fast yet but every board comes off exactly the same every way. For me speed is not what counts. Quality is what I am after. Thank you very much.
    Burman W, VA

  • Over the 6 months that I looked for a sawmill, I always came back to the Wood-Mizer. Now after buying a Wood-Mizer mill, and using it, I couldn't be more happy. The mill is everything that I was told it would be. Thanks for a great mill.
    David E, NC

  • I'm a master carpenter/jointer/wood-worker. Cutting timber for a share is important to us since I own my own woodshop. I was knocked out when I saw how smooth your product runs through the logs and left very little trace of its passage--big wows!
    Dan M, FL

  • I am very pleased with this mill. Many other people I know have seen me operate it, and are very impressed. Production is much faster and more efficient than my other mil.
    Carl L, NH

  • I am very pleased with my lt40HD.I'm building a house and I intend to build as much of it as I can with my Wood-Mizer. We have several other projects as well and with the cost of building materials being so high , I'm confident that it will pay for itself.
    Tim G, AL

  • I was most pleased with the excellent documentation package and performance of the equipment.
    Stephen K, PA

  • I've considered several mills before I bought a Wood-Mizer. Some of the features I looked for were: design, ruggedness and durability, performance and safety. and a mill that is backed by an innovative company with a good parts and service support.
    John D, MA

  • I think you have a good product, good reputation and are easy to deal with. The mill really works well and is well made.
    Thomas M, MN

  • Glad to be a Wood-Mizer owner
    Andy W, WY

  • This machine is more than a machine it is a tool. I've stacked 8x8 & cut lennons made 5&6 sided posts for decks etc. It is not just a sawmill.
    Tony F, ME

  • I have enjoyed my sawmill since I purchased it.
    C G J, MS

  • I would like to thank you for a great piece of machinery. I am very pleased with it.
    Mike W, TN

  • It works great. I have been using it for building a new log home. Thanks for a great machine!
    Mike J, WI

  • I really love my mill; use it often and getting many positive comments from friends and neighbors
    Daniel F C, MD

  • I'm very pleased with my new Wood-Mizer saw mill.
    Joe T, PA

  • I am very happy with my mill.
    Layne D, TN

  • Wood-Mizer for several reasons, Customer Satisfaction from owners,Cantilever design allows 40 logs to be cut. I am another satisfied customer.
    John S, AL

  • Orange is my favorite color and you build a mill to go with it. I own construction equipment some japanese and some german built it's sure nice to find USA built equipment like Wood-Mizer that takes pride in workmanship.
    Wardell Farm Drainage Inc, OH

  • I am extremely happy with the new super duty mill. I have cut over 3 million feet with my mill purchased in Jan of 1992 and am looking for far more with my new one. THANK YOU!
    C& W Sawmill, WI

  • This is my fifth Wood-Mizer would not think of buying any other mill. I just love operating this mill. When I call for parts or advice these people are courteous and friendly.
    Walter B, MI

  • This is my third Wood-Mizer and it is by far the best. J My trainer is tops in terms of knowledge and training. Thank you for a well engineered machine.
    James E B, MD

  • I got your mill for personal use only, but like your ads it didn't end up that way. I've cut one barn 24x24 and one 14x28 home addition and this was from word of mouth. You may have sold me a sawmill, but you have given me pride and joy.
    Stoughton G, 

  • This is our third Wood-Mizer, we find it to be a quaility , low maintance saw.
    Delbert B, MT

  • The entire staff at Wood-Mizer is very professional and considerate of my time which was important to me.The mill was ready they were ready for my training. I LOVE my wood-mizer.
    Tom H, CA

  • This is my second Wood-Mizer, speaks for itself. Excellent Quailty.
    Jim H, CA

  • You have a great mill.The resale on your mill is real good. Your people are a pleasure to work with and always ready to help. Thanks for everything.
    Bernard T, MS

  • Being a multi mill owner (now three in operation), the most important factor is support after the sale. You continue to excel in all aspects. when we bought our first mill as a hobby project never in my wildest dreams did I expect to grow to 3 units.
    Joel W, TN

  • Buying a Wood-Mizer has proved to be one of the soundest and most gratifying experiences to date. The ease of operation, efficient yield, and most of all fantastic customer satisfaction.
    Joe A, AZ

  • Although I only purchased the small mill ( LT25G15); I was treated as though I was the most important customer there. The quality, value, support and attitude of your organization is unmatched!
    Tom C, TN

  • I love my Wood-Mizer saw. Easy to set up and you are ready to saw. was asked why did a 71 year old want a Wood-Mizer. My answer was I love to work with wood and it looks as if a man my age could handle and operate a Wood-Mizer saw.
    Harold R, NC

  • My hat is off to Wood-Mizer. Our mill has performed very well through the harsh Michigan winter, even though we have had some less than ideal sites. It's a truly rugged and reliable machine.
    Tony B, MI

  • I am very pleased with the mill, the way it works and how easy it is to set up and use. I will recommend a WM to any one that is interested in one. Thank you very much for all the help you gave me.
    Gary M, MI

  • I heard most of the stories of other mills, and worked with the owner of a Wood-Mizer. It's the cadillac on mills no doubt. I'm enjoying mine every dry day I can.
    Dave E, VA

  • I am very pleased with my mill. It does a great job. The more I use it the more I like it. I like the safety features, and may I say your personnel made me feel at home, just like family.
    Hilton C, NC

  • I've been very pleased with the performance of my mill. I'm very pleased with the service from the Wood-Mizer company. I have and will continue to recommend Wood-Mizer to anyone interrested in buying a sawmill.
    Jimmy L, MS

  • I'm very happy with my Wood-Mizer, the more I use it the better I like it.
    John G, MI

  • I am very pleased with my sawmill it looks good and is easy to load and operate. I think it is a quaility machine.
    Eldon O, WA

  • It is the best investment I have ever made. I really enjoy using it.
    Roger H, VA

  • This machine exceeds my expectations!
    John H, IN

  • Your company is one the best run I have ever dealt with in memory please continue!! By the way the mill runs great and performs better than I expected.
    Paul R, NC

  • I did not even look at another kind of sawmill!
    Bob K, IN

  • What a nice machine--The LT40HP Diesel. It makes the job easier and I look forward to operating it.
    James H, WV

  • I know Wood-Mizer is the best mill on the market & value for your money. I love my LT40HD.
    Tony C, IN

  • I have been impressed with Wood-Mizer for several years. Everyone at the factory treated me very nicely. I love my Wood-Mizer. I will be happy with it for many years. Thank you very much.
    Erwin W, MO

  • There are two things I know in life; the Lord Jesus Christ and sawmills. Yours is a fine product. I am well pleased with everyone I know in your company. I thank you all for what you have done for me.
    Bob H, TN

  • I love my sawmill and Wood-Mizer is the best, by far, company I have ever purchased equipment from.
    Martin C, MI

  • Everything that was advertised about the Wood-Mizer is true. I am very impressed by the mill as well as with the company. Keep up the good work.
    Dave S, IL

  • One fine piece of machinery. I am very satisfied.
    Matthew D, MD

  • We are very pleased with the mill. The more hours under my belt the more comfortable I am operating and my daily log production shows production increasing.
    Chuck C, WI

  • Wood-Mizer is a trade name to sawmills as is Prentice is to log loaders. I didn't think twice when I wanted a sawmill. Wood -Mizer was my choice. I am a logger with four skidders, four trucks, w Belt feller buncher, 180 D Prentice loader.
    George W, PA

  • It has been one of the best mills I have seen. The cutting and the smoothness of the boards we got out of the mills is the best that I have ever seen.
    Ed M, FL

  • I researched my purchase thoroughly and decided for quality sake nothing compared to the Wood-Mizer.
    Barak A, OR

  • I am very inpressed with Wood-Mizer (the company and the mill itself). I would recommend Wood-Mizer to anyone interested in buying a portable mill. The instruction was excellent and everyone was very helpful and professional!
    David P, KY

  • I feel that my Wood-Mizer sawmill has the same type of quality as my John Deere backhoe and BobCat skid loader. I feel that the mill is high quality, state of the art piece of equipment. I am very happy with my purchase. I just need more time to use it.
    Gary W, IL

  • I love my new little toy. Lots of fun. No problems.
    Wayne S, WY

  • It is encouraging for me to own a well thought-out, quality machine that shows some products made in this country are still as good as anywhere in the world.
    Mike A, MT

  • I am thoroughly impressed by the performance of the mill. The classroom training and hands on training was very good.
    John M, TN

  • I am totally impressed with my mill and your company. Everyone that has seen it work is equally impressed.
    Mike M, MD

  • Love It!!
    J D W, KY

  • We have enjoyed our mill and are confident that we made a wise decision. Thank you again.
    John G, PA

  • The mill is running flawlessly.
    Scott G, VA

  • I was sold on Wood-Mizer after the first one I saw.
    Elliott B, GA

  • I feel like a kid at Christmas everytime I start to use my LT15. It is the most fun I have ever had. Wish I was younger, I need to figure an easy way to handle my logs.
    Kenneth M, MS

  • More than I expected! I wish I would have purchased one a little larger and about 20 years earlier!
    Kenneth M, MS

  • I don't know what is better than excellent, but whatever it is from my dealings, (which involve 2 mills now), Wood-Mizer is 'Awesome'!!
    Wayne T, ME

  • The beauty of the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia can only be matched by the clear Western Red Cedar cants coming off our Sunshine Coast Custom Cedar Wood-Mizer sawmill. The quality of lumber that comes off this LT40 is second to none. Cutting matched board and batten is one of our specialties. Thanks Wood-Mizer for giving us the tools to make the Sunshine Coast a more beautiful place using one of our most precious resources.
    P Moore, BC

  • Once again, I commend you and Wood-Mizer for 'following dreams.' I think I speak for a good many owners when I say that sawmilling isn't about getting rich. It's about doing what you love doing.
    Paul G, VA

  • I run an '85 LT40. This mill runs fine and cuts true 22 years after purchase. Thanks for a great mill.
    Jim Mc, CO

  • I am amazed at the number of upgrades on the new (LT15)...Thanks for the fantastic product.
    Everette M, TX

  • Thought you all might want ot see this huge red oak log being reduced to 1 inch boards. It made a lot of lumber! I have an LT40. I ordered the log lifter kit. It is great.

  • I've been quiet lately as I have been in Alaska for several weeks. I'm now back in Arizona cutting more honey mesquite for furniture lumber. I must have about 1500 BF by now and beginning to sticker and stack the cut lumber in a shed for the summer months. The LT15 seems to fit my needs perfectly and I have had no problems. One bearing roller needed adjusting but that's been about it. I have used three band saw blades and just put on one of the two 9 degree blades you sent. I just canted up one log so I don't have an opinion at this time on a 9 degree verses a 10 degree blade but it went through without hardly a push. The only thing I will likely order this fall is another log holder (or whatever they are called) as I have long and short logs which often require repositioning one of the holder which requires some time to change. Running the saw takes little effort and works excellent. You quickly realize the benefits of going slow, taking your time, and enjoying the marvels of what you find in a rough looking mesquite log.
    Allen B, AZ

  • I went to a Wood-Mizer demonstration on May 22, 2006 just to more-or-less look around. As it turns out, I came home with two sawmills – a sawmill replica keepsake that I won as a door prize and a real one which was an LT10. The LT10 was actually a used mill that was traded in by a husband and wife for a larger Wood-Mizer sawmill. I decided to purchase the mill. I picked it up on Monday, unloaded it Tuesday, and started sawing. Buying a used LT10 worked out good for me. I have run my mill quite a bit and really like it. One particularly rewarding project was getting to saw recycled beams from Cannon Mills, Plant #1 in Kannapolis, North Carolina. The old textile mill building used yellow pine beams that were at least 100 years old. The ones I sawed were 20” x 20” x 18’ long and in excellent condition. Ultimately, these beams will be made into fine furniture by a local gentleman. The beams were in excellent condition with very little nails and many were put together with wooden pegs. The mill did a great job. I also appreciate the ease of operation and the simple, easy-to-work-on design of the LT10. Thanks for a great and affordable mill.
    Franklin Hopkins, NC

  • I cannot say enough great things about Wood-Mizer! We have been very happy with every aspect of our purchase of our new sawmill. Keep up the fantastic job guys!
    Jim G, MI

  • I would not be where I am today without my Wood-Mizer.
    Taylor D, GA

  • We continually have people visit our building suite and they cannot believe how tight the logs fit and the quality of the dimension lumber we have cut with our Wood-Mizer. The Wood-Mizer is the best investment I have made in a long time.
    Phil H, CO

  • I feel I have a big advantage over my competition due to the high quality of lumber cut on my LT30.
    Bret D, NC

  • My plan was to sell my Wood-Mizer when I finished my cabin, but I can't seem to part with it... I enjoy my Wood-Mizer very much.
    John Jennings, GA

  • Since I am 67 years old, and in need of extra income, the Wood-Mizer has been a wonderful help. It was a lot of work after sawing the lumber to haul it 250 miles and then 5 miles across the water to our island for the building of the cottage. Without the Wood-Mizer, it would not have been possible.
    Robert Lewis, ON

  • I saw an ad for a Wood-Mizer, and decided I had to have one. After that my wife and I made a decision to build a new post and beam home on our mountain. After four years of completion, this house has 9,552 square feet!
    John M Kledis, NC

  • I feel fortunate to have discovered the opportunities presented by the Wood-Mizer sawmill. Purchasing the mill was the beginning of a way to create not only an income, but a flexible lifestyle that I love.
    Steve Smith, NC

  • Everyone who views the barn is very impressed by the fact that such a large structure can be produced on such a small sawmill.
    Joseph Tennyson, NY

  • Anyone who has a bandmill and doesn't have an edger is really missing out.
    Percy Gavronsky, BC

  • My Wood-Mizer band mill certainly helped my dreams come true.
    Duane S, MN

  • It does an excellent job, runs true, and is easily maintained. I really enjoy operating it.
    W L W, GA

  • I love this machine! So this is what sawmill heaven is like.
    Henri F, CO

  • I don't think you could ask for a better machine.
    Tom R, WV

  • This mill (LT70) has excellent speed and features that make my job easier.
    Jeffrey P, MD

  • I spent two years researching different mills; yours is superior.
    Jim C, NY

  • I use my Wood-Mizer for hobby and have built five small cabins. The rent certainly paid for the ownership of the mill.
    Edgar D, LA

  • There is simply no comparison to a Wood-Mizer. Period
    Gilbert S, 

  • We looked at them all and Wood-Mizer was the clear choice. The folks we delt with were very forthright and answered our questions with experience and confidence.
    Custom Sawmiller, 

  • I have nothing but good things to say about the Wood-Mizer. I was able to learn how to operate the machine quickly an then train others in a completely different world...
    Bruce T, 

  • We do a lot of our own work as a way to save money and with this sawmill we are saving even more than we imagined... it's unreal.
    Rich Bracbeck, 

  • We continually have people visit our building site and they can't believe how tight the logs fit and the quality of the dimension lumber we have cut with our Wood-Mizer... The Wood-Mizer is the best investment that I have made in a long time.
    Phil H, CO

  • Everyone's always been very surprised with what you can do with a [Wood-Mizer] and how smooth the cut is and how handy it is. It will saw as even as the log will allow. Waste will be minimal. People that have never been around one are amazed it will actually cut lumber like it does.
    Tanner Owen, VA

  • It's as good a machine as I could ask for to Wood-Mizer's credit. I've been around a few other brands of mills and from what I've seen...if I had to buy another one it wouldn't be a question--I'd buy another Wood-Mizer. It keeps running like it should. Wood-Mizer's got them beat on all that.
    Tanner Owen, VA

  • We see Wood-Mizer as a very important part of our business. Compared to other mills, our downtime is minimal thanks to Wood-Mizer's excellent customer service.
    Fred Barribeau, 

  • We never imagined our Wood-Mizer sawmill would become our main source of income when we originally purchased it. It has far exceeded our expectations.
    Jake Dean, 

  • We look at the Wood-Mizer as a savings account. It allows us to run a good business.
    Dick Flynn, 

  • I'd say that we salvaged over $800 in lumber in one day. Proving once again, that a Wood-Mizer doesn't cost...It pays!
    Ralph Rice, 

  • Not only did the sawmill save me a lot of money and perform beauitufl work, I quickly started to use the LT28 for extra income.
    David S, 

  • Within the first day we were consistently sawing to accurate sizes. We all agree the wood-Mizer is the silge best purchase we have made since we bought the land.
    Bob B, 

  • We absolutely love our mill. My brother and I are now in our mid 60s, but the mill has revived the enthusiasm we had in our 30s for building new things and we are planning several projects.
    Bob B, 

  • I love my Wood-Mizer and take very good care of it. I keep it well tuned and in good condition.
    Robert L, 

  • We love the LT40, it allows us to saw lumber any size we need. I really like the flexibility to saw what I want rather than having to build with what is available "off the shelf" at box stores.
    Brian L, 

  • I enjoy a much better relationship with my customers; they are always happy to see me and are always impressed with my Wood-Mizer.
    Kelvin P, 

  • We've been happy with Wood-Mizer service and saws so the LT70 is the logical choice as we look to increase production.
    Chris Banning, 

  • Sawing has complemented our traditional life by bringing greater income, and the Wood-Mizer has made sawing lumber easier and more profitable, allowing me to travel widely and meet many interesting people.
    Samuli L, 

  • Simply Stellar! It is an inspiration to know equipment like this, with the company behind it, is still making machinery in America.
    Michael M, NY

  • I installed the Accuset II the other day. Today looks a little like spring so I am trying it out. What a wonderful accessory for a Woodmizer. Wish I had bought it sooner. What really pleases me is the dimensional consistancy.
    Parker R., AK

  • Wood-Mizer sawmills have allowed us to do what would have been nearly impossible: become a successful log home company that builds and ships homes nationally and internationally.
    Joas M, 

  • In today's economy, the LT70 has also helped us produce the highest proficiency while maintaining low overhead cost.
    Joas M, 

  • It is not unrealistic to make up to $2,000 a week when you own a Wood-Mizer sawmill.
    Peter & Matthew Cormier, 

  • My sawmill gives me more sources of income than timber framing alone.
    Michael Shenton, LA

  • When I bought my Wood-Mizer, I thought I was buying a better saw. As you can see, I got a lot more.
    Pony Boy Gilbert, OR

  • Most [company's] advertisements are better than the product...not so in this [Wood-Mizer]. Thank you.
    Tom Vickerman, 

  • Overall, I am well pleased with the mill and really enjoy using it.
    Fred Feaster, 

  • Thank you at Wood-Mizer for your help in getting my sawmill.
    Gerald Cayer, 

  • There are a few real quality mills out there, but what tipped the scale to Wood-Mizer was its incredible reputation and people.
    Lee Hockers, WI

  • People who have seen the mill in operation are amazed at how easy it operates and how good the lumber comes out.
    Herman Miller, ME

  • It is exciting for me to be able to produce such fine lumber. Thank you for a fine product.
    Aaron Smith, CA

  • We would certainly reccomend your product to everyone. Thanks for an excellent product.
    Jim Figgins, IA

  • I had thought Wood-Mizer was the best portable sawmill around -- now I know it! Your factory and people are superior; what else can I say? Thank you for an excellent product.
    Gregory Richter, MI

  • I have already sawed 30,000 ft of cherry on my LT40HDD, not counting the custom orders already finished. I love my mill and want to saw all the time. When I retire I plan to do custom sawing exclusively.
    Jeff Coursey, KY

  • The LT15 can't be beat. I've got the right mill.
    Rockin R Ranch, KY

  • Still happy after the first 20,000 board feet!
    Jack Fredericks, WI

  • The [sawmill] is unbelievable. I'm very impressed.
    Brad Blomburg, NH

  • Your mill is the best buy I have ever made! Thanks a bunch.
    Bryan Saunders, MO

  • Your mill is hte best buy I have ever made! Thanks a bunch.
    Bryan Saunders, MO

  • Please feel free to add my name to the list of happy customers. If anyone is interested in buying an LT15, have them give me a call. I can't say enough good things about Wood-Mizer or my mill.
    Russ Martin, 

  • I'm truly impressed with my mill and so are others who visit. I've had my mill only one month and already five individuals have approached me for service.
    Robert Vanhoy, WV

  • I have a 12 & 13 year old that will clear their rooms to get to go saw.
    Frank Garner, AL

  • I really love this [sawmill]. I have built a house 20 X 28, 3 stories including attic. There is still enough rood sawn for another one. I can not believe it.
    K.C. Reidy, ME

  • We are very pleased with our mill. Thanks for making a great mill.
    Levi Lee, PA

  • I've been wanting one of your sawmills for over fifteen years and now my dream has come true.
    Mike Lieving, OH

  • I am very pleased with my LT40HDG24.
    Russel Merrill, NH

  • The following week after purchasing the sawmill, I took a $250 per day job sawing logs for a log home. The day after Christmas I took a jo to saw logs for two more. At this rate, I may have to hire someone to cut my own trees for me. Thank you!
    Norman Simpson, NY

  • We are not 'professional' lumber folks but Montana Cowboys that can take an easy-to-operate LT15 and (be) in business in several hours. Mill was everything we had hoped for and does a wonderful job. I looked at several different mills on the Internet and your quality of workmanship and reputation sold me to buy the LT15.
    Tom R, MT

  • To Jeff Laskowski, I recently purchased 3 acres of wooded land in Billings, Montana. I was curious about utilizing some of the trees for building projects around the property. I found your website and ordered a free DVD. I was impressed by the quality of the video, dialogue, and information on the DVD. Also, I recently received the spring 2010 edition of "The Wood-Mizer Way". I was so moved by the articles that I felt compelled to contact you. Your commitment to the quality of your product, concern for your employees and services to God is truly inspirational. The article "For the good of others" was a breath of fresh air. To read about the lives your company has blessed, is heart-warming, encouraging, and has caused me to contemplate ways in which I can be a better steward of the gifts that God has given me. I just want to thank you for the way in which you conduct your business. I have never seen a company that has done such a great job of integration of business, compassion, and faith. Your company reprensents everything that is right with America. I hope 2011 is filled with many blessings for you and your company. Have a great day and God Bless! John Suchan 4647 Corral Dr, Billings, MT 59101
    John Suchan, MT

  • It took me over an hour to precut the log with a chainsaw but little "David" took on "Goliath" and your saw conquered the beast. Thanks for a top quality saw. Ten years old and still slaying giants!
    Dwayne C, 

  • Of all the equipment, the Woodmizer purchase was hands down the best investment we made in our farm. It has returned the original investment over 6 times in 6 years and this is without doing any commercial sawing. We have rebuilt several barns, 2 houses, a garage, fences, and recently the wine pavilion. Next year will be it's greatest return when we build the 6000 square foot winery. It has enabled us to improve the value of our assets as well as create a profitable business off our land without doing traditional farming.
    David W., KY

  • To date, we have cut about 100 logs. We have had a lot of fun and the Wood-Mizer reps have been a big help. Your people are great. I have never seen a company that backs it's used equip. like Wood-Mizer. We are currently cutting 20 oak and hickory logs for our church.
    Steven S, IN

  • The machine [LT40HD] looks and runs like it is made by a factory, and not in someone's backyard. The positive stories of great customer service were a big deciding factor in choosing Wood-Mizer. We are extremely pleased with our new LT40HD sawmill. The mill is truly portable and extra easy to set up and take down again. My customer base has greatly increased now that I am able to easily transport the mill to and from customers. I never realized what a step up I was taking going from the Timber Harvester to Wood-Mizer. Thank you.
    Mike H, ME

  • We have found that our mill is everything you stated in your advert. It is a great, accurate machine.
    Robert B, 

  • I purchased a LT28 sawmill at the end of September mainly for cutting logs that would go to waste around the farm. On November 17th, we had a tornado destroy and damage five buildings on my farm. Since then, I have used the sawmill to cut framing lumber to be used to start rebuilding. It is amazing how something I purchased for hobby work has turned into such a vital piece of equipment. I would like to thank the staff at Wood-Mizer for the training and such a fine sawmill. May God Bless you all!
    Tom Mills,